April 1-2, 2022 - "The Profit-Ability Management Method" by Mike Schuster DDS

This could be the most important seminar you have ever taken or ever will. It can open the door to a whole new way to practice dentistry and to live. We are seeing... the hostile takeover by corporations of our profession.

Dr. Schuster will go into detail of the principles and strategies to control Money and Time, and elaborate in detail the process he created to Help Patients say “Yes” to complete, comprehensive care. The Profit-Ability Method is composed of 7 Key Elements and the strategies that empower you to grow, to thrive and to differentiate yourself from the ‘average’, the ‘herd’, from corporate dentistry. It’s sad to watch dedicat-ed, honorable dentists who spend their life taking technical courses, when it is their management method that really creates the success. Your management method must match your technical skills and abilities, or your practice will never become what it could be!

The Seven Key Elements that Dr. Schuster will go into with detail.
  • MONEY - how you make it, keep it, and save it so you don’t lose it.
  • TIME - how to organize, manage your time and talent to dramatically increase your effectiveness.
  • ORGANIZATION - management model you adopt has more to do with the effectiveness and efficiency of your practice than anything else.
  • NEW PATIENT EXPERIENCE - the process Dr. Schuster will share for you, in detail, will double, even triple acceptance of comprehensive dentistry.  J. K. DDS stated that from age 50-60, his Net Worth quadrupled!!
  • MARKETING - the least expensive, most effective marketing strategies, described in detail that you can apply for optimum results.
  • PEOPLE - your team, their skills, attitude, their values, are vital to the success of comprehensive care.
  • PURPOSE - why your practice exists, as determined by your goals, your values, your skills, your training, and the reason you practice dentistry.

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