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About The NEMSC
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The New England Masters Study Club was created following the completion of Track I of the New England MasterTrack Program.  It was conceived as the natural evolution of the AGD Mastership, allowing its members to continue their high level of continuing dental education.

In its current iteration, membership is open to all those who have either attained Academy of General Dentistry Mastership, or have completed at least 50% of an approved AGD Master Track program.

The organization is run by an executive committee consisting of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, all serving a two year term, elected by the membership.

Because of the status of its membership, the NEMSC attracts the best lecturers to its meetings, which are held bianually.

The NEMSC holds meetings in the fall and spring of the year throughout the New England area.  The locations and course content are decided upon by the membership.

The NEMSC is a not for profit study club, and as such has been able to keep the costs of meetings and annual dues to a bare minimum.  Attending is very affordable, and cost per hour of c.e. is the lowest available anywhere. 

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, The New England Masters Study Club has established itself as the penultimate source for continuing dental education for the AGD Master.  We have developed, and continue to develop a relationship with our members that will last a lifetime!

Please Join Us!

Call The New England Masters Study Club at 212-246-1333 today, or email;


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