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Annual Meeting 2006



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Dear NEMSC members:

I’m sure those of you that attended our first meeting of 2013 will agree with me that it was one of the best courses we’ve ever had. In spite of a late spring snowstorm, 39 members trekked north to the University of New England in Biddeford Maine to attend a superb anatomy dissection program put on by Drs. Henry Gremillion and Dan Spagnoli.  It was the first time we managed to get the Dean of a dental school and the chairman of an oral surgery department together in a course, but it wasn’t just about anatomy — Henry and Dan shared many relevant clinical pearls relating to head and neck pain, TMD, local anesthetic and surgical technique.  The UNE anatomy department contributed two teaching assistants that helped a great deal during the hands on dissection, and the facility (and the food!) was first rate.  Both speakers very much enjoyed the time they spent with us. After the course Dr. Gremillion wrote, “Thank you and the entire New England Masters Study Club for a fantastic 2 1/2 days.  Dan and I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction, stimulating discussions, and equally, the fellowship.  You all have a special group with a passion for learning in an environment that facilitates personal and professional growth.”  Members agreed it would be great to hear both instructors again, so stay tuned for a possible follow up program!  Many thanks to Dan Steinke and Peter Garramore for their help with program and venue arrangements.

As I finish my last year as the President of the NEMSC, I'm happy to say your club is as strong as ever.   Several important developments occurred during my tenure.   Thanks to our immediate past president Chuck McQuade’s efforts, we became an AGD Certified PACE Provider.  This not only allows us to submit credits on behalf of attendees directly to the AGD, but also brings our club’s organizational and programming structure in line with AGD guidelines.  It has elevated our status as a study club locally and nationally, and will help us to remain independent, attract better speakers, and to continue to grow.

Thanks to our current Treasurer and Past President Roger Oppenheimer’s efforts, our club’s non profit status has been clarified, providing us with tax exemptions that significantly reduce meeting expenses.  Roger has also been instrumental in helping to keep our club finances solidly “in the black", and providing us with an ongoing vehicle to disseminate information via our website.

My goal to build our membership base has been successful these past two years.  Our club brochure has been updated, redesigned and distributed to Mastertrack 8 and 9 members.   Our Vice President and Program Director Steve Root travelled to Nashua, New Hampshire this past March to address and recruit Mastertrack members.   I personally welcomed 6 new members to our March meeting in Maine.   I'm also proud to report that we’ve averaged 36 attendees per meeting over the last two years, up from an average of 31 when I began as your Secretary nearly 6 years ago.

I believe we have also been successful in polling membership opinion and making better programming decisions based on that input.  Thanks to our Secretary Frank D’Auria, we have instituted an online survey system, an annual needs assessment survey and course evaluation forms that have provided your executive board with valuable feedback.  It is especially gratifying to know that your evaluations over the last 2 years have returned satisfaction ratings of nearly 95% for our courses and nearly 97% for our speakers.

Our simple formula of offering top quality affordable continuing education is working, but our meetings are not just about CE, they are truly unique learning experiences.   Many of us look forward to these meetings for not only the education, but also for the opportunity to connect with friends and colleagues.   Let’s face it, we’ve taken enough CE to know we can get the education anywhere.  The friendships and the camaraderie is a big part of why many of us, even those who are no longer in active practice continue to come! I know your Executive Board is committed to providing programs that honor this NEMSC tradition.

We hope you will mark your calendars to join us, for our next program October 25 to 27.  It will feature Drs. Lee Brady and Gary DeWood presenting “Advanced Principles of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry: Design, Materials and Management”, and it promises to be another superb program.   2014 will feature Dr. Jon Suzuki for Implants and Perio in the Spring, and then Kirk Behrendt and Mike Fling for Practice Management in the Fall.

In October I will turn over the reigns of the Presidency to Steve Root.   Frank D’Auria advances to Vice President and Program Chair, and if elected, Dick Hopgood comes on as Secretary.  Roger Oppenheimer has agreed to stay on as Treasurer and Webmaster.  I leave my post knowing the club is in good hands.   It has been a great run for me, and I have thoroughly enjoyed serving you these past six years, first as Secretary, then as Vice President and Program Chair, and finally as President.  I hope to continue to contribute anyway that I can, and I hope you will too!  We welcome your input and your help in putting these fine programs together.

Thank you all for your trust, friendship and support.

Marc B. Gainor, DMD MAGD FACD, President
New England Masters Study Club



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